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Happy 4th of July to all of you.  All the wines on this month's selections were brought in with your celebrations in mind. 

The tasting for all wine club members and future wine club members is this Saturday, July 7th, from 2 to 5pm.  

and without further are your wines information: 


2016 JEAN FRANÇOIS MERIEAU – “LE BOIS JACOU” GAMAY - Touraine AOC (Loire Valley), France 

  In the heart of the Loire Valley we find the appellation of Touraine, and there is where we find Jean–François Mérieau. He is the producer of some of the most respected and sought-after wines of the region. Jean–François’ property farms approximately 7 varietals and many of the vines are quite old, some of which are over 100 years old and the youngest coming in at 50 years old. The vineyards are plowed and the property is in conversion to organic certification. The winery is based on a rich history that stretches back for generations. It’s not unusual to see three generation in the winery at the same time. Much of the winery and tasting room is in a cave that was carved during the 14th century. The “new” structure that houses many of the fermentation tanks was used by Americans soldiers during World War I and some left inscriptions on the walls. The wines, however, are anything but old-fashioned. The wine chosen for this month’s primary red is their old vine Gamay, which is unusual in itself by the fact that the majority of the Gamay wines coming out of France to the US come from the southern end of Burgundy, Beaujolais. There are those who will say that Gamay is a grape that is not to be taken seriously…we say try this one!! Jean-François makes an excellent example of Touraine Gamay, more nervy, high-pitched and mineral than Beaujolais….gumption if you will. This wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks and allowed to rest there for just a little bit. This wine is meant for summer, drink slightly chilled, and bring it to your summer grilling events. With its blackberry notes and nicely balanced structure, it will have you reaching for more! The price makes it party worthy. Other pairing suggestions for this wine are not only grilled steak, try it with chicken, and those summer foods that beg for a red but not too heavy wine. $18.00 



This family owned winery is located in the south of the island of Sardinia, Italy. Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and lies roughly 190 miles west of Italy's mainland. The vineyards of Argiolas are located in the Trexenta hills just north of the capital city, Cagliari. The family not only care for their 600 acres of vines but also boast the ownership of a vine that is reportedly over 1K years old…and they still tend to it. The winemaker Mariano Murru, who visited with us, says that it still produces a tiny amount of fruit. The locals say that all that live on the island will live over 100 years, and their local term for cheers is “A kent’annos” (may you live 100 years), and for this family it rings true. The original founder Antonio Argiolas, founded the winery with the 7 acres of native grapes varietals that he inherited from his father. Mr. Argiolas died in 2009 at the ripe age of 102. Argiolas wines were previously featured in our wine club and that’s why when we were presented with this wine, we jumped at the chance to try it. Costamolino, named for the area, is made from Vermentino, an aromatic white grape variety that thrives in the Mediterranean climate of Sardinia. The grapes are harvested in August and September and vinified in stainless-steel tanks to retain acidity. A small percentage sees malolactic fermentation to give the wine roundness and silky texture. This wine has summer written all over it, with aromas of stone fruit and sweet citrus. The palate is at once vibrant and refreshing with delicious mouthfeel and a very long zippy finish. This wine was produced with Mediterranean food in mind. The wine’s lemony acidity will accent rock lobster or squid but carries enough weight to work with spaghetti topped with butter and garlic!! Or even a bowl of brothy clams topped off with fresh herbs. If you want to go vegetarian, try vegetables such as fava beans or anything where fennel is the main flavor. $19.99 


2016 CHRISTOPHE PELLIER – DOUCHE D’UZES RED BLEND - Duche Duzes (Languedoc), France 

Mas Pellier cuvees are the essence of what we call here in the US “Boutique Wines”. Their estate wines are fully handcrafted. This is a “Claire Barroy” wine…you may remember her as one of our favorite French wine impoters (and yours). Claire discovered them by wandering one morning in a local market close to the town of Uzes were the owner Christophe Pellier hand sells his wines every Friday morning. The winery is in Blauzac, half hour northwest of Nimes. Christophe is the 5th generation to run the winery. However, it was not meant to be as his father and grandfather did not want him to perpetuate the winery and directed him to a different career. At the time they were selling all their production to a local cooperative taking care only of the vinicultural aspect of the vines. Despite the odds, Christophe decided to come back on the vineyard. First, he bought more lands, then planted new vines and released his first cuvee in 2010. His timing was just perfect. In 2012 a part of the vineyard got promoted from Vin de Pays to one of the most recent French appellation: Duche D’uzes. With 2000 years of winemaking, the appellation is not intended to produce vast quantities of wines but rather a high-end, top-quality wine, such as this, our secondary red for the month of July. Made with a blend of 60% Syrah 40% Grenache, all hand-picked grapes, which are then gently pressed and the juice is allowed to ferment in stainless steel tanks…no wood in this wine. This delicious wine is deep in red color with red and black berry aromatics and spices. On the palate, the berry notes repeat and have a hint of anis, pepper and black olive, proudly revealing the southern temperament. This wine will make a great grilling red…chose your cut of meat, pork or even chicken and pour yourself a glass of this summer friendly red. $19.50 


2017 LAZARRE – SAUVIGNON BLANC - Santa Barbara County, California 

We are so pleased to bring another wine of one of our favorite winemakers (and yours) Adam Lazarre! Award-winning winemaker from Paso Robles and quite the ham! With over 25 years of experience behind him, Adam has made wines for a number of Central Coast and North Coast wineries as well as participated in the production of wines in Chile and Spain. This month’s entry to our wine club is Adam’s new vintage of his Sauvignon Blanc. Adam produces wines from vineyards he painstakingly hand-selects each year. And that’s not the only thing he is picky about…in his 26 years of winemaking Adam claims that “I’ve never made a wine I was truly satisfied with. I’ve always second-guessed myself once the wine was in the bottle. I am my own worst critic. Sometimes I would be haunted for years about what could have been if I had used just a little more barrel age, a different kind of yeast, a little more or less of this lot or that lot in the blend.” Yet we all can agree that his wines nail it!! The grapes for this wine come from the Roblar Vineyard nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County just outside of Los Olivos. They hand picked the grapes and the grapes were brought up to the winery, where it they were lightly pressed and the juicy fermented in steel tanks. The wine was left to rest with the lees (which gives it a silky texture) and then bottled six months later. This wine jumps out of the glass with aromas of grapefruit, papaya, and honeydew melon with hints of freshly picked herbs. Beautifully crisp and rich with both citrus and tropical fruit flavors. This all- stainless wine surfs the acid wave and hits that mouth-watering sweet spot. A great blend of American and New Zealand styles in many ways. In 26 years of winemaking, even Adam was impressed with this wine, and so will you. Be sure to pair this wine with your favorite summer dishes of salads, oysters, soft cheese like feta or even goat cheese topped dishes. This wine is a great poolside!! $25.50  

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