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ANNE'S BOUTIQUE WINES – JUNE 2011 Wine Club Information

The Denomination of Origin Ribera del Queiles is found in the territories of Navarra and Aragón (north-east Spain) forming one of the best and most original viticulture zones of Spain. Its old vineyards descend from more than 600 feet above sea level of the Moncayo, with a gradual descent to the River Queiles. The Mediterranean character from this zone can be detected in the wine, with its fruitiness and full body, while the Atlantic influence of the Moncayo contributes the freshness and the necessary acidity for their wines. Winery Arts was inspired by the number 9, a number that reflects the concept of supreme knowledge in numerous and diverse cultures, to create a collection of wines that are singular and modern, ideal for a public that likes to experiment with new sensations. This wine is a blend of 84% Cabernet Franc, 10% Tempranillo, and 6% Merlot aged in new French oak barrels for 16 months. Upon pouring this wine, you will notice shades of deep red and purple on the edges or your glass. Extremely subtle and complex aromas that combines ripe black fruit, spices, coffee, and the aromas of wet tobacco. On the palate the wine is rather a big boy, with very structured and long ripe black fruit flavors. This wine is full of ripe, silky tannins and great persistence, the finish is quite lengthy. This wine would pair nicely with Pork Barbeque, grilled, roasted or even stewed lamb. If you’d prefer cheese, then choose a nice Manchego to go with this wine. Be sure to allow this wine to breathe or decant for at least an hour.
Winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi has his vineyards in Western Sicily with a state of the art winery and more grape varieties than your average MW could name; it takes one hell of a talented winemaker to master all of that. An alchemist in the winery then but, at these prices, he's also bending the laws of Physics! In this wine club entry we bring you a Grillo. Grillo is a full-bodied white grape from the Sicily region of southern Italy. It is most often blended with Catarratto and Inzolia in sweet and dry Marsala wines but also, as in this wine, makes a rich and aromatic white wine. This particular wine is certified organic and fermented entirely in stainless steel. The winery believes in the holistic benefits of sustainable agriculture and takes pride in their commitment to both a healthy Earth and healthy great quality wine. In this wine you will find fantastic floral aromas, rich jasmine notes and even peaches. The palate has delightful richness with flavors of apricots and delicious minerals. The acidity is perfectly balanced with the mineral finish. This wine is perfect for rich buttery foods such as Alfredo sauce pasta, rich creamy cheeses such as a triple crème brie, lobster, or even all American clam chowder.
Red Only wine club members receive the Winery Arts – Number 9 and:
William Knuttel brings a broad range of practical and artistic winemaking talent to his wines. He is the winemaker to Dry Creek Vineyard but also makes small production wines as a side project; such as this lovely red blend. Bill, who began as winemaker in July 2003, mentors future winemakers and works consistently to raise the bar of quality in winemaking. For the past twenty years, Bill has focused his winemaking on ultra-premium and luxury wines, gathering a wide-range of experience not only in winemaking but also in viticulture, winery construction, and wine education. Bill was the winemaker at Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery for seven years and at Saintsbury for thirteen years. This wine has a whimsical name “Le Petit Malin” which can be loosely translated as “a little sly one,” or “a little mischievous one,” and all the mischief here is in the blend. 72% Malbec and 28% Petit Verdot—once popular in Bordeaux. Traditional Bordeaux techniques and French oak aging (26 months) were employed. The wine has bold aromas of blackberry, black cherry, fresh earth and cedar. A delicious core of berry flavors is bright and firm, and the supple finish amply demonstrates the benefits of extended ageing. 295 cases produced. Open and decant this wine about 1 hour before consuming and pair with grilled steaks, roasted lamb, or even sausage pizza. By the way this wine sells online for $35.00 and we are bringing to you for less than $25.00. Drink this bottle and hurry back to Anne’s for more.
White Only wine club members receive the MICANTE - VERMENTINO and:
A true boutique winery, Stage Left grew out of a passion for wine...collecting, drinking, studying, experimenting. But more importantly, Stage Left grew from the thread of experiences and adventures that came with that passion. Their winemaking style is based on dedication to experimentation and a commitment to minimizing interference in his winemaking style. They believe that great fruit equals great wine. And while we're fans of new winemaking technology, for all intents and purposes, they are old school. Everything at Stage Left is done by hand, in small lots. They hand-pick and hand-sort every last cluster of fruit, and only the best raw material makes it through to production. The “Go Getter” is an ingenious blend of 63% Viognier, 32% Grenache Blanc, 5% Roussanne. This white blend is packed with tropical and stone fruit flavors and intense aromatics. On the palate, you'll find white peach, citrus, minerality and refreshing acidity rounded out by rich honey notes, baking spice and super-fine, food-lovin' tannins. A mere 107 cases produced, and definitely tough to find. Enjoy this bottle with seafood, curries, nuts, and even roasted pork.

Remember, if you purchase any of the wines listed above during the month of JUNE 2011, you will receive a 15% discount, an additional 5% discount to your normal (all the time) 10% discount. Thank you, sincerely for your business

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