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Anne’s Boutique Wines – MAY 2012 Wine Club Information

Clients who receive 1 RED wine and 1 WHITE wine will receive:
The brother and sister team of Peter Rubissow and Ariel-Rubissow-Okamoto are second generation Napa vintners. Together with winemaker Timothy Milos (Rubissow, Justice, Stag’s Leap, and Opus One) they created Lola Kay Wines to bring you affordable, richly expressive wines from the finest vineyard estates in Napa Valley and beyond. The Lola Kay name comes from the winemakers’ grandmothers Lola and Kay, “women of tenacity and verve”. This winemaking team believes that a wine is only as good as the grapes it's made from. We think you’ll agree with us that their efforts paid off when you taste this fantastic blend. Lola Kay Napa Valley Red Wine is a sophisticated proprietary red wine composed of small lot 40% Cabernet Franc, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Syrah and 7.3% Merlot all aged in French oak barrels. The wine opens with a burst of black cherry, cedar, mocha, and vanilla bean. Then the flavors open up into an array of classic Napa notes: lavender, rosemary, sweet mint, rich dark cherry, dusty earth, blackberry bramble, and cocoa. Lovely finish too! Be sure to allow this wine to breathe for 1 hour before enjoying. Pair this wine with slow-cooked pulled pork sandwiches, grilled panini with manchego cheese and smoked bacon. Or even just a simple pairing of fresh baguette with rich butter and sprinkled sea salt..... This wine is normally priced at $22.99 – Wine club members can take this wine home during May for only $19.54 (15% discount)
Dinastía Vivanco was founded by the passionate collector and wine merchant Pedro Vivanco, one of Spain’s first enologists and the third generation of Vivancos in the wine business; his grandfather used to sell wine door-to-door in 1915. The family selects only the top 20-30% of the annual harvest and only from their own vineyards (they own over 1K acres), ensuring complete control over the quality. Their goal is to make world-class, iconic wines. Bordeaux-trained Rafael Vivanco heads the viticulture and winemaking efforts and he focuses on following the history of Rioja by using only indigenous grapes and traditional methods. With that being said, this wine is a blend of 70% Viura, 20% Malvasia Blanco, and 10% Tempranillo Blanco – YES, Tempranillo Blanco, which was discovered in 1988. It was DNA analyzed and found to be a mutation of the red Tempranillo grape, an albino grape of sorts. This wine was made by fermenting the juice from each individual varietal separately and allowed to age on the lees for 4 months prior to blending. Absolutely no oak contact in this light, refreshing white wine. On the nose, this wine is expressive with intense aromas of green apple, citrus, and white peach. The bouquet is accented by subtle grassy notes and delicate florals. Fresh, crisp taste of tropical fruit and citrus flavors with a well-balanced acidity. Perfect with seafood and vegetable based dishes, especially vinaigrette salads. Normal price is $17.99 – during the month of May you can get it for $15.29
Red Only wine club members receive the Lola Kay – Proprietary Red and :
From an area in Austria with a mere 2400 souls but with one of the most successful Cooperatives in Easter Europe. This Co-Op is an association of growers, some of whom own wide-reaching expanses of vineyard—several acres, possibly—and others who have three rows of grapevines behind the barn. Under central leadership, these grapes are harvested at an arranged time with others of the variety, delivered to the press-house, vinted, fermented, matured, and then bottled together under the label of the Cooperative. This co-op is so committed to giving the world the best, that some winemakers are actually paid a premium to NOT bottle their wine, when it is deemed that the vintage is not meeting their quality requirements. This wine is made from the Zweigelt grape, which is extremely drinkable and full-bodied. It is the result of a somewhat recent crossing of Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent grapes. It is planted widely in Austria and ripens early. This wine shows a bright freshness from its time maturing in large super-stainless steel tanks, with no wood-tones to mar the agreeable freshness of the fruit. Inviting nose of blueberries and licorice, nice dark-berry fruit on the palate and good length. Enjoy this – not so common- wine with a Capresse salad with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, a mushroom risotto, or even grilled lamb. Priced at $15.00 – in May get it for only $12.75
White Only wine club members receive the Dinastia Vivanco – White Rioja and:
Claude Branger is the current owner and winemaker. The family winemaking business was developed by his grandfather during the First World War. Today his wife, Thérèse, manages the office while his son Sébastien works beside him. They farm 61 acres in the heart of the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellation. The area is well known for producing wines from the Muscadet grape also known as Melon de Burgogne, which was introduced to France by Dutch traders in the 1600s. Muscadet is a white cousin to Gamay, and like Gamay it can be easy, it can be delicious, and it can surprise. The best Muscadets are some of the world’s best white wine values. This particular wine, Le Fils des Gras Moutons (son of the fat sheep) is the domaine’s main wine. Transparent straw color, with a short-lived haze of pinpoint bubbles that fill the wine when poured but quickly disappear, leaving just a prickly touch of carbonation on the tongue. Fresh white fruit, subtle honeydew, with a "stony" nuance on the nose and palate that's typical of good Muscadet, all laced up with snappy, food-friendly acidity. Chill to 42 degrees and pair with oysters on the half-shell, and it goes very well with fish and shellfish in general. It pairs nicely too, with a gently spicy Thai curry. Normally priced at $14.99 – Wine Club members can get it in May for only $12.74

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