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Don’t forget, all wines are discounted 15% during the month of June….and 10% after that. Remember these notes are also on the “wine club” section of our website.

Clients who receive 1 RED wine and 1 WHITE wine will receive:
Domingo Molina Wines is a family enterprise unique on the area of Cafayate, Salta, Argentina, in the sense that its owners are natives and continue to make Cafayate their home. The company is managed by Domingo and his wife, Leonor, along with their three children. The company originated around 1960 in the Cafayate – Salta region of Argentina, which is the most important viticulturist center of the Argentinean northwest. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon was hand-picked and sorted, aged in French oak barrels for 8 months and while only 2100 cases were produced, less than 300 made it into the US. This delicious red has a dark scarlet color with some purple shades. On the nose, you’ll notice a spicy aroma, of cassis, wet tobacco, cherries and a touch of clove. On the palate ripe tannins lead the well balanced acid and fruit flavors; this wine is full-bodied with a vigorous personality. Elegant and prolonged finish that will have you finishing the whole bottle. This wine was not filtered in order to maintain its complexity. It may therefore present some sediment that only confirms its quality, we found that this wine responds rather quickly to air, open bottle thirty minutes prior to its consumption. Pair this wine with your favorite red meat, especially steak, a hearty pasta dish, game or an aged hard cheese, such as Parmesan. Price: $23.99
Since it was created in 1895, this family winery has been dedicated to the production of quality wines from the Roussillon area. Domaine Cazes has cultivated organically and followed bio-dynamic principles for 12 years. Their approach is based on the use of natural preparations, in order to improve the capacity of resistance of the plant and its ecosystem and applying the preparations at specific times in the lunar cycle. Today, Domaine Cazes has the largest organic and bio-dynamic estate in France. This is the first certified “organic & biodynamic” wine entry into the wine club. As you’ll taste, these are better than ever! This particular wine is a blend of 60% Muscat of Alexandria, 20% Muscat petit grain, and 20% Viognier, these are all fermented in stainless steel vats to enhance their fruitiness, minerality and overall complexity of these grapes. This wine is chockfull of white flower aromas alongside notes of minerality that is unmistakably French. The flavors you will enjoy in this wine reminded us of peaches, apricots with a lovely acidity that will enhance many difficult-to-pair foods. Chill down to 43F and pair it with Mexican food, artichokes (it’s the season), and or the tricky-to-pair asparagus. This wine may be your new summer favorite! $14.99
Red Only wine club members receive the Domingo Molina – Cabernet Sauvignon and :
Domaine Sainte Eugénie is located within the district of Fontfroide, the sweet spot of Languedoc with an 800 year history of viticulture. The estate is located within the foothills of the Pyrénées along the Mediterranean coast. Clay and chalk soils dominate here. The dry weather, sunny and warm climate combine to create an optimal growing environment for the red grapes that make up this tasty wine. A blend of 45% Merlot, 20% Carignan, 20% Grenache, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon all aged with a refined oak character, highlighting a sturdy base of red fruit and oriental spices. Le Clos seems to be like something out of “The Arabian Nights.” This wine displays an attractive raspberry red color with hints of garnet. Its nose is lively and complex, with notes of red and black fruits. A light oak fragrance with hints of incense, spices (nutmeg, clove, ginger), anise, autumn woods and tobacco. It is very soft on the palate, with a fresh, tangy acidity. Le Clos shows wonderful balance, with well-structured yet elegant fine tannins. This wine will pair nicely with many foods, try it with duck, a roast rack of lamb, or boeuf bourguignon. This wine can go casual too and be enjoyed with your favorite meat pizza! $12.99
White Only wine club members receive the Domaine Cazes – Le Canon Du Marechal and:
Founded in 1920, the domaine is a modest place off a country road deep in the Anjou Noire, so called because of the preponderance of schists in the geological makeup of this section. The domaine is managed by Didier and Damien Richou. The elder brother Didier took over the winemaking in 1979 after doing an internship in America with David Bailly (Bailly was a pioneering cold-climate winemaker in, of all places, Minnesota). Since then the good-natured, intelligent and hard-working Didier has gained the respect of every critic who has been by to see him. “Didier Richou,” writes critic Jacqueline Friedrich “doesn’t know how to make bad wine.” In 1993 Damien came on board, and today he is responsible for the domaine’s 74 acres of vines while Didier handles vinification. The domaine eschews chemical fertilizers, works its soils, and harvests most of its vineyards by hand. The entry to the white wine selections of the wine club for June is the Anjou Blanc “Chauvigné” made with 100% Chenin Blanc grapes. The emphasis here is on freshness and minerality, with bright aromatics, lemon high tones, and richly long, elegant fruit. It’s a wine with real style. At around 1,700 cases were made with less than 300 exported to the USA. This wine has lovely honey and pear aromas. The palate reminded us of fresh peaches and nectarines with lovely minerality and well balanced acid, with a lengthy finish that will make you think you just took a bite from a honey drenched peach. A fantastic summer choice, we think you’ll agree. Pair this wine with grilled fish, chicken, or even lobster, take it on picnic with brie topped with slices of pear and drizzled with honey. $19.99

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