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anne’s Boutique Wines – SEPTEMBER 2012 Wine Club Information

Clients who receive 1 RED wine and 1 WHITE wine will receive:
Tres Sabores means “Three Flavors” in Spanish and the name is for each of the three things the winery finds essential to wine: the Terroir, or flavor embodied by the unique location of their ranch; the Vine, or distinct character of the grape variety; and the Artisan, or winemaker’s personal contribution of style and intuition, and finally the good company in which all wine should be enjoyed. When appropriately balanced, these flavors result in wines with intense, yet delicate aromas and a structure that supports both long-term aging and immediate enjoyment. They produce wines in small numbers in the sought-after area of Napa, and they call themselves “stewards of the land” and devote themselves to honoring the character of the grapes they grow by doing so organically. If you visit Napa, we invite you to let us know that you’re going, so that we can set up an appointment with Julie Johnson, the owner. You’ll be infected with her enthusiasm for land and wine. The idea for this wine was born when after making their estate wines (zinfandel and Cabernet) the winery had a few barrels left over and literally asked themselves: “So what would happen if we combined everything delicious that we still had in the cellar and added a little vino from our spice box (Petite Syrah, Petit Verdot) of course, the answer was: “Why Not?!” This inviting wine has fruit-filled aromatics of blackberry, boysenberry, and black cherry. In the palate you’ll find the substance and texture, where the Cabernet comes in. The Petite Syrah also gives an earthiness and robustness (and a dash of pepper, as well, complementing the natural spiciness of Zinfandel and Petit Verdot). Julie recommends that you try this wine with spicy food, Mexican fare, specially a meat with a Mole sauce. If you have cheese in mind, we recommend English cheddar with caramelized onions from Trader Joes. Price $24.99
The Familia Cassone winery was founded in 1957. It is a family owned and operated winery, created as the result of passion for winemaking and family tradition. In fact, most of the family members are professionals - medical doctors, attorneys at law, university professors, and, of course, winemakers- who have found in it a continuation of their ancestors' traditional activity in Italy and later in Argentina, following their immigration post-WW1. The Cassone winery is located in the appellation of La Rioja, in the southeast of Mendoza. This area is framed by the Andes range, with its majestic Mount Aconcagua and is considered the best vine-growing zone in Argentina. This wine is 100% Torrontes, considered a national grape in Argentina. Fermented entirely in stainless steel tanks to enhance the aromas of white flowers and fruits, very fresh and balanced notes. On the palate you’ll notice the freshness and minerality alongside the tropical notes of melon and even a touch of lychee. This wine pairs very well with light appetizers, light cheeses, fish and we love it here at Anne’s with Guacamole and chips, a must try. $14.99
Red Only wine club members receive the TRES SABORES – POR QUE NO? RED BLEND AND:
Sodbuster is the work of Boland Cellars in South Africa. They include the role of the human stewards of the grape as crucial components, adding passion in achieving fine expressions of regionality in their wines. They advocate an almost hands– off approach in the cellar, and believe that both viticulturists and winemakers have a few crucial decisions to make, like when to pick, how much maceration and oak treatment to allow, etc. In recent years, South Africa has emerged from the shadow of apartheid, and its wines have begun once more to make an impact on the international market. The style of wine coming from this re-born nation seems to straddle the New World and the Old, combining the ripe fruit of the former with the elegance and restraint of the latter. Despite the warm climate, South African plantings have in the past been dominated by white varieties, especially Chenin Blanc, also referred to as Steen. This is changing, and there are increased plantings of international varieties including the grapes for this wine and is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon aged in 3rd generation (used) oak barrels for 12 months. This wine selection is a pure blockbuster of flavors that jump from the glass. Licorice, leather and spice are just the beginning, followed by luscious fruit and berry flavors. A perfect partner to prime rib or even Carne Asada. $14.99
White Only wine club members receive the FINCA LA FLORENCIA – TORRONTES and:
After working as Associate Winemaker at Bonny Doon Vineyard, Herb Quady had long been convinced that the truly compelling wines of his time were being made from grapes grown in the cooler margins. Herb spent time training as a winemaker throughout the area where he would later buy the land to grow the grapes that now make fantastic wines. This was the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. Here is where Herb produces wines in small lots, like this one at only 220 cases. This is his first white Rhone Blend composed of equal parts Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne, it has proven to be a very successful experiment. The Viognier was partially fermented in large French Oak, but the Roussanne and Marsanne were both fermented in stainless steel to promote their natural fruit qualities. The Roussanne and Marsanne were both sourced from the Crater View vineyard outside of Jacksonville, while the Viognier came off of their own “Mae’s Vineyard”. The citrus and tropical fruit aromas lead to a racy acidity and minerality. This will be a great wine for moderately rich seafood, including smoked salmon, or pates.$19.99
Remember, if you purchase any of the wines listed above during the month of SEPTEMBER 2012, you will receive a 15% discount, an additional 5% discount to your normal (all the time) 10% discount. Thank you, sincerely for your business.

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