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anne’s Boutique Wines – AUGUST 2012 Wine Club Information

Clients who receive 1 RED wine and 1 WHITE wine will receive:
Named after the proprietor of the 19th century mail coach service that once ran through their property, Henry’s Drive Vignerons is the wine operation established by Kim Longbottom and her late husband Mark. During the nineteenth century establishment of the farming and wine industries of south eastern South Australia, only horse drawn coaches provided the transit of mail and passengers. Today, Kim ,who hails from Marlborough, New Zealand and has winemaking in her blood, continues to build the business in honor of Mark. The vineyards and winery are located in Padthaway, which is located in the south east of South Australia. This wine is named the “Trial of John Montford” and tells the 1863 story of bushranger, John Montford. Montford, who is wearing a brown handkerchief to cover his face and brandishing a revolver, robbed the mail coach a few miles outside Padthaway. His brazen act scandalized the local population. On arrest, the said brown handkerchief with cut-away eye-holes was found in his swag; providing the evidence needed for his conviction. This fantastic, 90-Point Winner (Wine Enthusiast & Wine Advocate) is made with 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc and aged in French oak barrels for 14 months prior to release. This wine is very Austrialian in style with fruit forward notes of cherries and raspberries, alongside aromas of violets, and thyme. Sweet ripe cherry fruit dominates the front palate, which then develops into a more savory wine, showing earthiness, toasted spices, and lovely dried herb characteristics. This wine has a wonderful velvety finish. Allow this wine to breathe for about 1 hour then enjoy with your favorite BBQ or even hearty vegetarian dishes. Usually priced at $23.99, this month it is $20.39.
Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo is located in the sub-region of Cima Corgo, in the Douro Region, the birth place of some of the most well-known wines in the world. This Quinta is owned by the Amorim family (a well-known cork company). The Quinta gets its name from the patron saint of the 17th century riverside chapel on the property, where the crews of the Rabelo boats would pray for protection against the Douro which was quite a dangerous stretch of the river before it was dammed. The chapel contains a statue of Nosso Senhora, which apparently is so heavy (despite its small size) that it takes a few strong men to lift it. This wine is a very Portuguese wine in that is made with native grapes varietals of Viosinho, Gouveio, and Rabigato. All fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures, which preserves the fresh fruit flavors and the lovely minerality. This wine has inviting aromas of peaches, baked apples, cinnamon, and just a touch of clove. This wine drinks like a cross between a Sauvignon Blanc and an Alsatian Riesling. Medium-bodied with lively citrus-based acidity, tangy lime and tart granny smith apple flavors. Simple, tasty, crisp, and fresh, this will pair very well with most crustaceans as well as poultry and seafood dishes. Usually priced at $14.99, this month it is $12.74.
Red Only wine club members receive the HENRY’S DRIVE – TRIAL OF JOHN M. CABERNET AND:
The origin of the Lechthaler family traces to Lechtal in Austria. From Austria, the first generation of the Lechthaler family arrived in Piana Rotaliana (then the Austriain region of Trentino which now belongs to Italy) toward the end of the 1800’s. The family immediately began producing and selling their wines to the Rotaliana region. The family’s hard work and vision paid off; their wines soon became familiar to the entire hospitality industry in the region, including the best restaurants and hotels. The Lechthaler family honors local customs and grapes, which is why we bring you this wine as our second entry into the wine club. First off, we’d love to share the story depicted on the label, which tells the story of a princess that was captured by an evil king and was placed in a cave on the side of a local Trentino mountain. The king had a dragon in the cave guarding the princess so she could not escape. One day prince charming was riding by on his horse and he caught glimpse of the beautiful princess that was imprisoned in this cave. The prince climbed up the mountain and slayed the dragon. The blood of the dragon fell into the ground and out sprung forth the Teroldago vines, and from those vines comes this lovely wine. All fermented and aged in French oak barrels for ten months. Upon opening the bottle you’ll notice the ripe black cherry aromas with distinct sweet earth and tobacco notes. In the mouth you get more
cherries — black and red — as well asraspberry, earth, and a touch of spice, all wrapped with ample acidity and medium tannins. A smooth texture carries the wine with polish. It’s an ideal accompaniment for a wide variety of foods, though you may want to drink it with dishes on the leaner side. For example, any dishes where you substitute ground turkey for beef, vegetarian dishes, or boldly seasoned poultry and pork…oh and by the way, the prince rescued the princess and they lived happily ever after. Usually priced at $14.99, this month it is $12.74.
White Only wine club members receive the QUINTA NOVA - POMARES and:
Located in the Asti region, Bersano is located the best areas of Monferrato and Langhe. The winery was founded in 1907 by Guisseppe Bersano, and brought to prominence by his nephew Arturo in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1985, the Massimelli and Soave families purchased Bersano and immediately returned the quality of the wines which had languished under corporate ownership in the 70s and 80s. The result is bright, fresh, approachable classic wines in the traditional style produced under the steady hand of acclaimed winemaker, Roberto Morosinotto. Gavi di Gavi is produced in the village of Gavi, in the foggy hills of Piedmont. Made from the Cortese grape, indigenous to the region. It has no oak to weigh it down and the wine exhibits classic fresh green fruit flavors along with a delicate nutty licorice finish. Gavi is a “go to” wine for many Italian restaurants wanting to pair with simple Italian summer dishes such as Caprese salad, grilled seafood and antipasti. Don’t hold onto this one; it’s for drinking this summer. Usually priced at $19.99, this month it is $16.99.
Remember, if you purchase any of the wines listed above during the month of AUGUST 2012, you will receive a 15% discount, an additional 5% discount to your normal (all the time) 10% discount. Thank you, sincerely for your business.

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