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Clients who receive 1 red wine and 1 white wine will receive:

No, this is not a typo or a repeat…we are bringing you another Girardet wine, with an unusual grape. Our primary red this month is a Baco Noir (pronounced BA-koh NWAHR)…Never heard of Baco Noir? You're in good company, as most folks haven't, either --wine geeks included. The short story is that in the 1880s the American root louse, phylloxera, devastated all of Europe's vineyards. The native European grape vine, Vitis Vinifera, had no inborn resistance to it --which slowly killed the vines. American grapevines, however, did have an inborn resistance. Growers everywhere in Europe were desperate to find or create vines that could resist phylloxera. For decades, starting in the 1880s, researchers experimented with crossing varieties of Vitis Vinifera with various American grape varieties. One of these researchers was Francois Baco, who for decades laboriously tried numerous crossings of Vitis Vinifera varieties with American species. In 1902, Baco released just such a hybrid, a red grape originally called Baco 1 that today is known as Baco Noir. It was a cross between a local white grape known as Folle Blanche (the grape used for the brandies made in the Cognac and Armagnac districts) and an unknown American red variety. Eventually, the French decided to spurn these hybrids, preferring instead to simply graft American rootstocks onto their own European varieties. But Baco Noir made such a tasty red wine, and was so unusually resistant to very cold winter weather, that Baco's creation now is planted in the Midwest and the East, and most recently in southern Oregon. Girardet Wine Cellar’s version of Baco Noir is a benchmark. Rich, lush, dry, and suffused with baco noir's signature scent and taste of blueberry and plum. This wine is a superb red wine: supple, smooth-textured…this grape does really well when aged in oak, and this one was aged in 33% new oak for 12 months. This wine displays a deep, dark, garnet color with aromas of clove, ginger, and cedar spices. Soft velvet flavors open into a uniquely attractive full body finishing with toasted vanilla and chocolate. Incredibly drinkable, with a luscious mouth feel. Excellent with traditional Italian and French cuisine, also try with indulgent desserts of dark chocolate or rich berries. This wine retails for $24.99.

Yes, a Slovenian wine! And a whole liter of it. Kogl is the name of the vine-covered hill the Cvetko family chose to establish a winery. While the first written reference to it as a vineyard dates back to 1542, the Kogl home, winery, and tasting room all fit into a single structure originally built in 1820. Paintings, sculptures, and other works of art cover the entire property. There is an undeniable Kogl aesthetic that extends beyond winemaking. Located in the wine district of Prodravje, this northeastern corner of Slovenia has witnessed both great turmoil and prosperity. That said, as part of communist Yugoslavia, private production in Štajerska ceased and the greatness of the region was largely forgotten. Since Slovenia became independent in 1991, small family producers have made great strides in reversing this tragic history. And this is where our primary wine comes from. Only estate fruit is used and the entire production in on-site. The house liter of the Kogl Estate Belo is made from grapes hand harvested from their estate vineyards, a blend of equal parts Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. Each year the field blend changes but the mineral character of the region dominates the wine regardless. Vinified under cool temperatures in stainless steel with selected yeast and bottled as freshly as possible. Light on the palette with pronounced minerality and a touch of trapped CO2, it’s at first glance similar to many Austrian liters already available, but what sets it apart is its aromatic range and delicacy. Delightful as a zippy aperitif with fresh cheese, fruit, nuts, and a go to with fresh vegetables. On hot days, go ahead and mix it with sparkling water for a refreshing “spritzer.” The Belo is also makes a serious picnic wine. This wine retails for $14.99

Red Only wine club members receive the Girardet – Baco Noir and :

Ca’ Momi is a sustainable, small producer in Napa with very Italian roots. When Dario de Conti, Valentina Guolo-Migotto, and Stefano Migotto came to America, they wanted to make wine in Napa Valley, while capturing the spirit of their Italian heritage. They take great pride in selecting premium sources of their wine grapes with the majority of the fruit coming from Napa Valley. We at Anne’s discovered this lovely red while attending Family Winemakers trade tasting that features small producers from California. We knew we found a great entry to our wine club. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot, and Petit Syrah, all aged in French oak for only 4 months. This wine delivers deep red maroon color, with lovely aromas of plum, raspberry, tobacco, and licorice. Rosso di Napa has bright strawberry and raspberry flavors with a velvety texture and full mouth feel. Its round, medium-bodied, and complex palate is loaded with fruit. This will pair beautifully with Italian fare, and it retails for only $12.99

White Only wine club members receive the Kogl - Belo :

This Certified Organic Winery (Europe’s Ecocert 1998) can be found in Cheverny, in the heart of the Loire Valley. The estate was created in 1961, and the current winemaker is the 2nd generation in the family. They are so dedicated to providing organic wines that they publish their wine analyses to their website so that people are clear what they are drinking, ( This lovely wine is a blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc, and 20% Chardonnay, all fermented in stainless steel and put through malolactic fermentation which gives this wine a buttery mouth-feel. On the nose we loved the pineapple and cream notes, which carried onto the palate along with beautiful minerality. This wine would make a great paring to chicken dishes, salads, and or cream based dishes. This wine retails for $19.99

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