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Clients who receive 1 red wine and 1 white wine will receive:

This family winery is located deep in the heart of the fertile Middle Haardt region of the Pfalz. The area is especially favored by a warm micro-climate in the Rhine valley, protected from cold winds by the bordering Pfalz hills. Now in its eighth generation of ownership and management under the Fitz-Ritter family, the estate dates back to 1785 and was a founding member of the Verband Deutscher Pradikats (VDP), which is an organization where most (but not all) of Germany's top wine producers are members. In order to be a VDP member, a wine estate must adhere to certain standards which are slightly more stringent than those set down in the German wine law. This winery being a founder of the VDP produces "natural" wines of the highest quality. At Fitz-Ritter estate, there is no use of herbicides, insecticides, or industrial nitrogen fertilizer, only organic fertilizers are used. The vineyards are worked primarily by hand; their philosophy is to work their vineyards as gently as possible in order to give them sustainable growth. With this, we’d like to introduce you to our pick for primary red wine this month, their 100% Pinot Noir, which comes from their sandy soil vineyards. Following open mash fermentation, the wine is then matured for a term of 15 months in French barriques. When you open this bottle of wine, allow it to breathe for about ½ hour, it will reward you with delicious notes of raspberries, baking spices, and a touch of vanilla. Then sip it and enjoy the beautiful flavors of raspberries and cherries enveloped in minerality. The tannins are nicely mellow, which will then take you to a lingering finish of berries. This wine pairs with a sunny afternoon while grilling salmon...and the company of great friends. This wine retails for $22.00

The Gimenes-Mendez Family Winery is located in the South American county of Uruguay. The four vineyards are located in a privileged territory at the South Region of Uruguay, very closed to the Atlantic Ocean. This geographical area, with an atmosphere
very similar to Bordeaux allows the production of excellent grapes year after year. The winery is directed by Marta Mendez, who has the unconditional cooperation of her children Luis and Mauro Gimenez Mendez, both winemakers who seek to continue the legacy of their father Luis A. Gimenez, a pioneer of the wine industry in Uruguay for over forty years. This family wine company has been winning national and international awards for its wines since 1990. When we sampled this 100% stainless steel fermented Sauvignon Blanc, we loved the delicate aromas of peaches, nectarines, minerals, and even a light hint grapefruit. Once you taste this spring-ready wine, you’ll be delighted with the flavors of nectarines, lychee, pineapple, and a zippy acidity. This wine will pair with Goat cheese, Greek Feta, and any dish made with a mild vinegar, or just chill a bottle and enjoy it by the pool. This wine retails for $18.99

Red Only wine club members receive the Fitz-Ritter Pinot Noir and :

In 1956, a group of men decided to unite their common willpower, ideas, and their passion, to further the interests of their wines and winemaking. The Vignerons de La Coterie is a cooperative with five owner-growers, with sixteen members sitting on the board and one elected chairman. With Thierry Sansot as their sole winemaker, they grow exceptional wines next to the well-regarded area of Gigondas. This wine has very little to no exposure in the USA and we were glad to be one of the first stores they approached when they brought their wines to California. We bought this wine for our wine club member and added their Beumes de Venise to our walls. So if you enjoy this wine, be sure to pick up a bottle of their other red Rhone blend. This fantastic red is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Carignan, all fermented in cement vats with no contact with oak at all. When you open this wine you’ll be greeted with notes of blackberries, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and a touch of vanilla. The palate is bursting with dark berry flavors, medium tannins, which may be perceived as notes of chocolate with a finish of spices and espresso. This lovely wine pairs well with a stuffed pork loin, cold cuts, or even grilled red meat. This wine retails for $18.99

White Only wine club members receive the Gimenez-Mendez – “Identity” Sauvignon Blanc and :

The Patricius Winery is found in the Tokaj region where the family has well-known vineyards in the regions of the Tokaj and Mátra foothills since the 17th century. A 1737 royal decree divided the terroirs and vineyards of the 27 Tokaj region villages into 3 categories, the top being Gran Cru. The Patricius vineyards are all Gran Cru and situated on volcanic soil —an exceptional composition which counts among Tokaj's finest terroirs. The Tokaj wines thus merit preeminent title, and with that we introduce you to one of the least known wines of Tokaj, a dry one! The grape used is called Hárslevelü which means "linden tree leaf," and refers to the shape of the grape leaves of this white wine grape. It is the second component in Hungary's renowned Tokaj dessert wines, adding its spicy perfumed character. This wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. The 2011 vintage produced particularly delicate elderflower and lime blossom notes, but like the best of Tokaji, is full bodied, powerful, and maintains a strong mineral foundation. Tokaji’s persistent minerality could be described as earthy, yet it also shows tropical fruit and its signature savory spiciness, making it a multi-dimensional taste experience. Patricius Hárslevelü makes a great replacement for richer Sauvignon or Chenin Blanc, pair with tarte flambée and whenever you want to highlight the sweet and spicy in chicken or pork. This wine retails for $16.99

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