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Clients who receive 1 red wine and 1 white wine will receive:

Ty Caton Vineyards is located on the site of a winery and vineyards in Sonoma Valley that was founded in the 1920s and ran consistently through prohibition and into the 1940s. Ty Caton Vineyards was founded in, located adjacent to some of the most famed vineyards in California. With vision and persistence, Ty carved out and created beautiful hillside vineyards to pursue his passion for grape growing and world-class winemaking. In 2000, he made his first vintage of wine, mentored by his neighbor and friend, Peter Mathis, the Director of Winemaking for Ravenswood. His Sonoma Valley wines were met with immediate critical acclaim that has continued throughout the years. Ty Caton Vineyards are Certified Sustainable, which means that Caton uses earth friendly grape growing and winemaking methods along with purchasing and employee relations that are beneficial to all. He also handcrafts his wines small lots, only 299 cases of this tasty merlot. We at Anne’s have been fans of his wines for years and although we’ve had some of them in the store, we worked out a great price with Ty so that we could feature it in the wine club. This extraordinary Merlot greets the nose with rich aromas of black cherry followed by a lush mouth feel with layers of flavors including blackcurrant, plum, and a touch of chocolate. Combine these flavors with soft and supple tannins and a long silky smooth finish and you have an unforgettable and sumptuous Merlot. Try this wine with BBQ chicken, mushroom risotto, or even roasted duck. This wine retails for $35.00.

Tenuta San Pietro is in the heartland of the Gavi appellation, just outside of southern Piedmont region, near to the border of Liguria. The belief in organic farming is deeply felt and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in growing or producing this wine. Fertilizers and the like would only change the essential balance that makes the perfect Cortese grape and hence the Gavi wine. It should be noted that sulfites are present in this and all wines. One common misconception is that organic wines do not contain sulfates, the fact is, that while all wines have sulfites, some organic wineries choose not to add any, which is the case of this particular wine. Added sulfates are in some wines in order to prolong the life of the wines, in organic wines, the shelf life and the life of a wine once it is open is shorter. So be sure to enjoy this wine within a year of purchase and consume within a day of opening. This Gavi is produced entirely from the Cortese grape, and is hand harvested and fermented in stainless steel to enhance the refreshing fruit notes. The resulting wine is fresh and elegant with aromas of minerals, flowers, and fresh stone fruits. Excellent structure and balance with fruity acidity, and quite the lovely finish – a perfect partner with seafood and fresh cheeses. This wine retails for $17.99

Red Only wine club members receive the Ty Caton - Merlot and:

This great hearty red was quite the treat for us; it comes from a region where wines of this quality and at this price are rare. Gran Passione Rosso is a delicious blend of 60% Merlot, 40% Corvina, from selected vineyards harvested at the beginning of October, to get a level of ripeness to have a high sugar level to develop the necessary alcohol content. This late maturation gives the characteristic notes of ripe fruits, such as plums and raisins. To further concentrate flavors, the stems of the grape bunches are cut 10 days before harvest. This begins to dry out the grapes which helps to further concentrate the wine — a process known as appassimento, the process by which (the much more expensive) Amarone is produced. After the selective hand harvest, grapes are pressed and the fermentation starts at temperatures of about 78° F; the skins are left in with the juice must for a long period to
extract flavors and the characteristic ruby red color. The subsequent oak aging gives the pleasant notes of spices and vanilla.
Gran Passione has an intense purple color, tending towards amber with ageing. It is full-bodied with a solid structure due to
the elevated alcohol and fine balance between soft tannins and acidity from rich red and black fruits. Pair this fun wine with roasted
and grilled meats. Ideal with game dishes. Excellent with mature hard cheeses…if you must pair it with summer BBQ, be sure your sauce is the sweet and spicy kind to match the distinct flavors in this wine. This wine retails for $13.99.

White Only wine club members receive the San Pietro – Gavi :

Leojami is a family-owned micro-winery in Carmel Valley, California. Founded by winemaker and cookbook editor, Ben Spencer, Leojami is focused on the relationships between food and wine, the environment, and the community. They produce small quantities of single variety and single vineyard wines. Their vineyard partners are quality-conscious farmers who grow outstanding grapes in unique terroirs. The secondary white wine in our wine club is made with 100% Viognier grapes from Cedar Lane Vineyard, which is a fully sustainably farmed vineyard in Monterey County. The hand-harvested grapes were fermented at cool temperatures in neutral French oak and stainless steel. Cultivated yeasts were used to create bright fruit flavors and a rounded palate without the use of malolactic fermentation. This wine is bright and clear, with golden tones. The nose is full of clean, tropical aromas with hints of lemon and orange flowers. The palate is dry and crisp, with just the right amount of acidity, full bodied and flavorful. Notes of citrus and cream give way to a rich and complex mouth-feel with a long, soft finish. This wine pairs well with seafood, specially lobster with butter, and if you’re adventurous, try it with Indian food, specially curry. This wine retails for $18.99.

Remember, if you purchase any of the wines listed above during the month of SEPTEMBER 2013, you will receive a 15% discount, an additional 5% discount to your normal (all the time) 10% discount. Thank you, sincerely for your business.

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