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The winery was founded in early 19th century, from the passion and desire of the founders to exploit and disseminate the huge potential for producing high quality wine from their land. The family business is now in the hands of two cousins Alessandro and Pietro, accompanied by Claudio, Elena, Nicola and Davide, all faces of a young and enterprising third generation. This family produces wines native to the region, including a well loved and respected Amarone and a Ripasso. The family strives to showcase the best of the region. The primary white in July is perfect for 4th of July cookouts or afternoons by the pool with friends. A blend of 40% Garganega, 25% Trebbiano, 15% Fernanda, 20% Malvasia/Riesling Italico/Chardonnay/Sauvignon. Sounds like a lot of grapes but trust us, this wine is a fresh and delicious, light bodied with without a touch of oak. The nose offers notes of white flowers and spice with pear and granny smith notes. Serve this wine chilled. This wine is ideal with light dishes, the slight frizzante makes this especially refreshing and unequal as an aperitif. This wine retails for $16.99

We are so pleased to introduce you to the wines of Adam Lazarre, many times award winning winemaker from Paso Robles, with over 20 years of experience behind him. Most recently, he was the mind behind the successful Villa San-Juliette and Fat Monk line of wines in Paso Robles. Adam has made wines for a number of Central Coast and North Coast wineries as well as participated in the production of wines in Chile and Spain. This month’s entry to our wine club is Adam’s Merlot, which got a sneak preview to many of you back in the later part of May when Adam and his wife Angie paid us a visit in the tasting. Many of you took home many bottles of this delicious wine made with 100% Merlot grapes, hand selected from the Halter Ranch Vineyard, deep in the Westside of Paso Robles and what is being considered by some as a true Premier Cru vineyard site. The wine was aged in both French, American, and neutral barrels. The wine saw two rackings over the two+ years it spent in barrel. The result is an intensely colored wine with dark aromatics of black cherry cola, cedar, clove, and pencil shavings. Flavors of plum, blackberry, and chocolate/caramel with an immense plushness at the midpalate. A persistent thread of acidity lifts the dark fruits well into the finish. You’ll love the whimsical leopard print on LaZarre wine corks, Adam actually commission underwear printed to match the corks…hilarious twist to an already amazing wine. Allow this wine to breathe for at least ½ hour, and pair with beef, lamb, BBQ is a perfect companion as well. Online this wine retails for $32.00 – At Anne’s we retail it for $28.00

Castello Monaci is located in Puglia’s Salento region, on the “heel of the boot” that is Italy. The region of Puglia enjoys Mediterranean weather, perfect for grapes. The Castello Monaci estate is housed in a 16th century castle with medieval foundations once run by Basiliani monks who maintained a long winemaking tradition. This winery enjoys repeated accolades from many wine publications (Wine Advocate, Gambero Rosso, etc). This second red entry to our wine club is their “Primitivo” and the grape was for many years considered an Italian version of the California Zinfandel, and while they are very similar (genetically speaking), both Zinfandel and Primitivo are different. They are both a natural mutation from a Croatian grape called Crljenak (Creshknak), taste-wise, they are very similar. This version is named Piluna, for the Greek word for "pot of clay" or an ancient container used to store water or wine. The grapes for this wine are harvested by hand prior to dawn to preserve sugar levels and avoid the hot sunlight. The grapes are vinified in small stainless steel tanks, and then aged 6 months in both stainless steel and used French oak. This bold and delicious wine is ripe with black fruit and spice aromas (think blueberries) with notes of pepper, toasty vanilla. On the palate, the wine has a robust, concentrated character, a firm structure, and small black fruit and licorice notes on the finish. This wine is a perfect party wine, especially if you’re hosting a BBQ party on the fourth. Do decant this wine at least ½ hour. This wine retails for $15.50

The pronouciation of this wine is (Chakoleena) and is a traditional Spanish white wine from the Basque region of Spain. This is a thin white acidic wine that can be naturally fizzy. Txakoli Getariako grapes are grown in a small region of Basque country, on hills facing the sea. They are grown on trellises to allow air to circulate around the grapes, keeping them fresh in this moist climate. After pressing, Txakoli is fermented and bottled in a matter of weeks. The result is a very fresh, young wine with a high acidity. This wine is meant to be consumed young, so don’t let the summer go by without enjoying this wine. This wine is produced with two grapes native to the Basque region: Hondarrabi Zuri (90%) and Hondarrabi Beltza (10%), After harvesting and pressing the grapes, the must is left to ferment in stainless steel tanks. Fermentation lasts 20–25 days and then the txacolí is left to lie on its lees. The CO2 prevents oxidation and dissolves the sediments and gives the wine its sparkling characteristic. This wine is so unique it has its own manner of pouring. The bottle is to be held high and poured into the glass, releasing a spray of tiny bubbles - the refreshing light effervescence that makes Txakoli special. Serve chilled and only in small amounts to be enjoyed quickly to capture the bubbly, fresh flavor! This wine has green apple tartness and a bold minerality. Because so few vineyards make Txakoli, and it is so new to the market, this wine is a rarity in the U.S. We suggest you serve this wine with seafood, such as fresh oysters or seared scallops, or use it as an aperitif! This wine retails for $24.99

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