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With all the holidays upon us, we continue the tradition of bringing you bubbles to celebrate. Many of you have enjoyed Cavas at Anne’s and one of the reasons we love Cava is because of the quality to value ratio, its amazing! Cava is a sparkling wine made using the champagne method with grapes native to Spain. The great thing about Cava is that many high quality sparkling wines coming from this region not only rival many Champagnes but usually retail for a fraction of the cost of Champagne. The cava chosen for your enjoyment this month is made by a winery devoted to only cava. Mata Coloma situated in Penedes, the birthplace of Cava, is in the southern section of Catalunya. They practice organic farming and thus the grapes used in this bottle (Macabeo 60%, Parellada 30%, and Xarello 10%) are all organic. The soils on which these grapes grow are almost identical in composition to those of some of the Grand Cru champagnes. The soil is composed of chalk, sand, and clay, which yields rich grapes with the perfect acidity for the ultimate flavor and texture. Although the bottle does not state it, the grapes for this bubbly all come from the well-regarded 2010 vintage and it is considered the family’s “reserve” batch. The wine was initially fermented in Stainless Steel tanks, then transferred to the individual bottles where they develop the actual bubbles, for 3 years. There is absolutely zero dosage added to this wine (sugar added). Chill this wine to 40-45F, remove the foil covering the cork and then untwist the cage, should be six turns, but do not remove the cage. Point the bottle away from people, then hold the cork with one hand and twist the bottle around with the other. It is best to hold the bottle by its base. This cava will greet you with plentiful, tiny, creamy bubbles. It is fresh, bright and clean with white flowers and citrus lifting the slight bready quality. The fruit component really pops in this wine. Complex enough to keep you coming back for more but simple enough and affordable enough to drink with abandon. Pair with New Years Eve, family gatherings, or treat yourself in the middle of the week. If you’re enjoying food, then try fried salty foods, and or even delicate sushi. $22.50

Feudo di Santa Tresa estate is located in the historical vine growing region of Vittoria, with a unique microclimate. Lying close to the Mediterranean, Feudo di Santa Tresa’s vineyards are tended with only natural techniques to assist cultivation. While the abundant wind and scarce rainfall naturally protect against pests, infestations are further prevented through limited copper and sulfur treatments and “sexual confusion” pheromone traps. In addition, only natural fertilizers are used to avoid introducing chemicals into the topsoil. Frappato, the grape used to make this wine, is a native Sicilian varietal that has a thin skin and large berries. It contributes to the lively, fruit-forward wine that you’ll enjoy in this bottle. Harvested by hand and fermented in cement vats with the lees and with malolatic fermentation, it gives us vivid red color with gentle purple tones, the fresh red berries and delicate sweet spice notes on the nose, the smooth, lively acidity, well balanced with a spicy, long-lasting after taste. We love Frappato at Anne’s because it is a red wine that dispels the rule of white wine with white meat and red with red meat…it’s a good basic rule but wine and food pairings can be really exciting and rules can be broken. And the Italians can really show us! This wine is primarily paired with fish by the winemaker himself, and on the island of Sicily, many people follow suit. Chill this wine to about 55F and serve with fish in a light tomato sauce, antipasto, or vegetarian pizza. $13.50

Matetic winery is a family owned winery in the heart of the Casablanca region of Chile. With a firm conviction of making wines true to the terroir, they built a strong professional team to guide every step of the project. The family incorporated Alan York (Biodinamic Consultant), Ken Bernards (Consulting Winemaker), and Ann Kraemer (Viticultural Consultant) into the project to ensure that Matetic wines achieve the highest quality. This hearty drink by the fireplace red is made up of 50% Syrah, 30% Malbec, and 20% Cab Franc, all of which are Certified Organic Grapes, and are from the Matetic vineyards. Each varietal was fermented separately. Each lot was aged for 15 months in French barrels from different coopers, forests and toast levels. Finally, the blend was carefully made, using specific percentages of each lot in order to achieve a balanced wine. This wine is bright red with violet hues, with aromas of red fruit, chocolate and earthy spices. The palate is full and bold with soft tannins rounding it out. The Syrah lends spice, as well as violets and damp soil; the Malbec adds floral and blueberry notes, while the Cabernet Franc offers structure and tannins. Allow this wine to breathe for ½ hour then enjoy with a hearty meat or pork stew, dark chocolate covered raspberries or by itself. $21.99

Castiglion del Bosco is one of the most prominent producers in Montalcino,unchanged in the last 400 years. In 1967, when Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino was born, Castiglion del Bosco was one of its seven founding members. Owned since 2003 by Massimo Ferragamo, of Salvatore Ferragamo, overseen by wine Master Nicolo D’Afflitto. The delicious wine in this bottle is made with 100% Chardonnay, fermented in French oak barrels on the lees and allowed to age for 5 months. This yields a fresh yet rich wine with intense aromas of fruit and white flowers, golden apples, mixed with notes of vanilla. The palate is rich and well structured with sweet and enveloping notes with a long finish. Pair with pasta dishes with white sauces, fish dishes and soft cheeses. $27.50

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