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The Odoardi family, of ancient German origin, settled in Calabria in 1480 in the territory of Nocera Terinese in the province of Catanzaro. The winery does not only produce wine, they use their land to also produce olive oil and other local produce in the town of Falerna. The winery boasts the romantic views of Thyrrhenian Sea, across from the Aeolian Islands of Sicily. The vineyards are located at different altitudes, ranging from sea level to over 2000 feet above sea level, which allows them to grow different varietals, each in ideal conditions for the individual varietals. The latest generation, Gregorio Odoardi and his wife Barbara Spalletta, continues the family tradition with commitment while obtaining recognition for producing regional wines with excellent qualities. This red blend is composed of the following Calabrian grapes: Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Nerello Cappuccio, Greco Nero ranging from 10% to 30% each. The wine was fermented in stainless steel to allow the fresh notes of berries to come through, then allowed to age in barriques for a couple of months, and 2 months in the bottle before releasing it. This wine should be opened and allowed to breathe for about ½ hour, you will notice the enticing aromas develop. Jammy notes of blackberries, black cherries, vanilla bean, some hints of cinnamon, clove, and even a touch of smoke. This wine is dry on the palate with medium body and luscious tannins adding to the texture. Those berries and flavors from nose will be evident on the palate with an added bonus of a spicy finish and acid that makes the finish remain on your palate for quite a while. This wine will make a great companion to roast beef, a charcuterie plate with some parmesan cheese, a steak cooked medium rare, and if vegetarian is your thing? Then grilled veggies with a dry spicy rub. $

Domaine Eugene Carrel is located in the village of Jongieux, which is the largest of the 17 appellations of the Savoie (Sah-wah) region, at the beginning of the French Alps (South France), 40 miles southwest of Geneva, in between the Rhone River (near its start) and Lake Bourget, France's largest lake. The Jongieux vineyards are very steep, southwest facing slopes created by ancient glaciers. With vineyards reaching altitudes of 1600 feet and yet the microclimate is very warm. Jongieux is a named cru of the Vin de Savoie. It is named for the village of Jongieux. Vin de Savoie Jongieux white wines must be made with 100% Jacquere, a grape variety, native to Savoie, which does well in this area due to the clay-limestone soil of Jongieux retaining heat to allow the grapes to fully ripen. The Jongieux region also gets 2-3 hours more sun daily, which also helps the ripening process. Wines from this region are rarely seen in the US, which is why this wine is so perfect for those who seek to explore great, unknown wines. After the Jacquere grapes are harvested, they are fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures to retail all the aroma of the varietal. The wine is aged in the tanks sur lie (on the yeast lees) until bottling. The wine is unfiltered and some sediment may be visible. The wine is bright with green highlights, with aromas of ripe Asian pear, yellow apples, and ripe peaches with light hints of jasmine. This wine truly expresses fruit essences both on the nose and the palate, with crisp refreshing acidity and minerality with a floral overtone. Serve this wine chilled (45F) and enjoy it as an aperitif, with shellfish, BBQ Shrimp and or a Chicken grilled salad topped off with pears. Drink this now through end of 2016 $

Criss Cross is a sustainable wine venture where winemakers David Akiyoshi and Karen Birmingham believe that crossing different estate vineyards allows them to use the very best fruit for their wines. And this lush Petite Sirah is a blend from their estate Lodi and Clarksburg vineyards, 90.4% Petite Sirah; 9.6% Syrah aged in French oak for 12 months. This wine is what we call at Anne’s “A non-thinking wine”. You open it and you enjoy it! The wine shows excellent density and richness, with the black fruit staying bold and upfront on the palate. It rounds itself nicely in the finish, staying lush with dark chocolate notes to the end. This is another great BBQ wines as it can stand up to your most flavorful and powerful sauces. This wine is a great companion to beef short ribs, Mexican mole, or even a decadent molten chocolate cake topped off with fresh blackberries. $

Mountford Estate is a boutique vineyard renowned for making elegant wines of distinction and quality all while using biodynamic practices in the vineyards. The stunning vineyard is situated on the Eastern hillside of the Waipara Valley, which is highly regarded for the limestone rich soil. The vineyard that grows the varieties found in this wine is small in size and is on the steepest slopes at Mountford. All the fruit is harvested by hand and is carried out in small baskets as it is too steep to take the tractor and trailer through this vineyard to collect the baskets. The Mountford 2009 Hommage A L'Alsace, a blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer grapes, has an intense aroma profile that keeps changing in the glass. Some moments you can detect notes of Gewürztraminer and the mineral of Riesling and other times you can taste the pears of Pinot Gris and the white flowers of Muscat. The grapes are crushed and fermented together in a stainless steel vat. The wine is fermented dry but the rich viscous texture of the wine makes you think there might be some residual sugar. The acidity is there to help carry the flavors beyond the last sip. Drink now or age for a few years to see what happens. This is the first time a wine like this has been produced in the new world so there is no historical precedent for its ageing potential as of this writing it is tasting superb! Pair this with Trader Joe’s Tarte D’Alsace (flatbread with Gruyere and caramelized onions) $

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