Now on Display!

We are delighted to welcome back photographer Karin Crook!  She was one of the first featured artists to grace the walls of our wine shop and she is here again with more amazing photographs.  Stop by or enjoy her art while sipping wine when you visit us.  

Here's a bit more about Karin: 

Artist Statement 

I was born in San Bernardino, CA., and grew up in Redlands, CA. My interest in photography
started as a young girl aiming a Brownie camera out the window of a moving car. My first
subject was cows. I loved cows.

I have no formal training, just a fascination with capturing a moment. It can be anywhere at
anytime. There is nothing in particular that might interest me. It might be the way the light is on
an object or person. Or maybe the way items are in some sort of line or pattern.

I carry my camera with me and a scene will appear. I take my photographs without setting up
anything and I take them very fast. Making a plan does not work for me. I rather let people be
themselves and let the moment be just that. 

Karin Crook
P.O. Box 1582
Newport Beach, CA. 92659
(949) 650-7411