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2-5PM - $20.00 /$15.00 Anne's Wine Club members + one guest at this price

If you read the LA times, Forbes Magazine, hear Anne and/or Spreti talk of their recent trip to Baja...or are lucky enough to visit the French Laundry Restaurant, you know that wines from Baja are really taking off! This is the land where there are no wine rules, the country where you can find Tempranillo blended with Nebbiolo, or Chardonnay blended with Vermentino... and while you may question the blend, the flavors will reward your curiosity and turn you into a fan, and rightfully so. Mexico boasts a very long history of winemaking...yes it goes back to 1597! and with all that, they kept their wines a very well hidden secret...till now.

Six wines in this tasting! Don't miss out the new arrivals with amazing brands like Adobe Guadalupe and more!  

Anne's Boutique Wines
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